I’m sorry I missed it….

As you probably know I had an inconvenient brush with a golf course yesterday, so had to settle for the repeats (which are still on) of that Wedding.

I’m sorry I missed it – it looks like it was a blast.

Another Holiday?

So it’s another Bank Holiday today. Hot on the heels of last weeks ‘Good Friday’. Then we have this coming Friday as another holiday – for some reason. We then have to wait another couple of days before we get another day off – May Day.

So four Bank Holidays in three weeks. One for some wedding or other.

When you consider the cost to business you do have to wonder about these holidays. When I look around my firm and the fee earning staff who have to find work each day which pays, you realise the real cost to business. Looking at our average billings per fee earner I estimate that these holidays cost around £63,000 in lost revenue. We aren’t a large business!

Of course what really happens is that we have to work a little bit harder on the non-Bank Holidays. The work doesn’t slow down – it just backs up. So there’s a rush before and a rush afterwards. Sometimes you wonder why you took holiday!

Perhaps it’s time we looked at these Holidays. Sure we should have Christmas and Easter, but some of the others?

Most people,as far as I can see, get annual holidays now? Do we need these extra statutory days?

And had I not been playing golf on Friday next, I would have questioned why that couple couldn’t have managed to hit either a Saturday, Sunday or one of the other numerous Bank Holidays around this time of year? Not difficult for a bloke who can fly a helicopter?

2 weeks to go….

I don’t know if you, like me, are counting down the days? There’s just a fortnight to go… Hasn’t time flown!

I can’t wait – we are closing the office. I think that this is generous of us, but I am not complaining. A day off is always welcome (although I think three weeks of short weeks is a little disruptive).

I know everyone is praying for good weather – blue skies and warm spring sunshine will make the happy day just brilliant. This should make the day memorable – and any pictures taken look so much better without wishy-washy grey skies.

I have some new clothes for the big occasion. To be honest I think it is important to dress properly – and give the event a bit of ‘pomp and ceremony’. I might even clean down my shoes!

I have been reading up too. As they always told me ‘to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail’ – I want to get the most out of the day – and not be the one everyone looks at knowingly. Knowing that I was ignorant of the timetable, of the order, of the etiquette. The latter is so very important – and this day and age is so often overlooked. Well not by me.

I know the venue has been used for Weddings before, but this event is really the big one.

I was surprised to shoot 84 last time round -so Horsley Lodge for the next Squash Club Society Golf Day is going to be a challenge off my new handicap. And I have just two weeks to get my game sorted…

Wills and Kate – can you hurry up please?

It looks as though ‘Christmas 2010’ might have taken a back seat on the ‘fantastic news’ this week that Wills and Kate are to marry – sometime next year. Dubbed ‘Waity Katie’ the wait is over. But not for us. It has just begun as The Carpenters would say.

Was Kate impressed by Williams chopper

The TV blitz of this ‘major event’ has now started and it’s great to see such in depth reporting about every conceivable thing we need to know about Kate. With 200 journalists and cameramen now parked up outside their squat I am sure we are going to find out even more. Earlier in the week the BBC were able to deduct that she had turned from a girl into a woman when she was at Marlborough College. It would have been much more exciting had we discovered that she had turned into a woman from a boy? Or an alien? Nonetheless it was ‘news’ of this change (from girl to woman). Big news.

I can see that we are going to be hearing ‘snippets’ of mission critical information over the next six months. Like where her moles are or how many toes she has. I gather she has a massive secret tattoo on her back of the fleur-de-lys and “I love Willies”. Dedication indeed.

I have subscribed to Heat, Hello and OK! – do you think this is enough?

I am concerned not to miss any detail. I am already planning our Street Party – the bunting is somewhere at the back of the garage. We have a decorating table and next weekend I shall paint the legs red. I shall also get an early order in for icing sugar and other cake ingredients- a I am expecting a run on it come the spring. I suggest you do likewise. I predict Union Jack cup cakes will be de rigueur.

This really is going to lift the Country. Forget the Comprehensive Spending Review, job cuts, Bank bonuses, the VAT increase – this is going to put a smile on everyone’s face…apart from her Dads? Don’t fancy his bar bill at the aftershow gig thing!

Thank goodness for Kate and Wills. For they are jolly good fellows…..