Where will the sun be?

One of the things I have to do a lot is photograph buildings. I enjoy it really (I don’t do people too well).

At any time of year trying to photograph into the sun may be a photographers style (correctly known as contra jour) but it makes life miserable when you are trying to balance a white out sky and a shadowy building. This week I needed to photograph a building – which is some way out of town. I need the detail not the sky!

I wondered when would be best to go – bearing in mind I’m not good at mornings! I came across an amazing website which does all the difficult calculations for you. It’s called SunCalc – and you plug in your address. You can see on a map where the sun rises and falls – at all times of the day. Even better it lets you pick a date too – so you can check for tomorrow (or anytime in fact).

Sometimes you come across tools on the internet that are so brilliantly simple but effective. This is one and is now firmly stuck to my web site favourites bar.

The only thing it doesn’t do is tell me whether it’s going to be sunny…