A link you should follow


A very good mate of mine has had a bit of a tough week. He got me into this blogging malarkey.

I keep meaning to bring the blog back, but in the meantime, you should head over to read Johnny Lyle’s story. He is one of the good blokes around the place and he needs some support. So if you can face ‘scrotums‘ and ‘battery acid‘ – yes really – please head over here:

Johnny Lyle learning to walk

I have told him to get himself sorted out and back to his disruptive self. He already has a ‘Brave Boy’ badge because he deserves it.

Update… Johnny is doing pretty well. I called to see him on Thursday (and dropped him a thoughtful / useful gift I think). Read his update here Wonderwoman

Update 2 – I also saw Johnny a couple of weeks back in 220 degrees coffee shop, he was in good form…



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