Shopping and food miles

I’m not entirely a fan of food shopping. But I have been to a different sort of shop today – one where food is grown on the roof and sold in the shop below. Food miles = zero. Even the car park canopies are home to PV cells.


Whole Foods Market Third & 3rd is 56,000 sq ft of super-green store in Brooklyn, New York. Then there’s 20,000 of greenhouse on the roof – which is part of the story. The store is full of local grown produce and where it’s not, the signs on the food tell you where it was made. Some comes from the roof.

The obligatory cafe and bar is present but what strikes you here is the sheer volume and range of goods available. It’s generally green / good stuff. They are proud to tell you that much of the merchandise is sourced locally.

I love the concept. It was 10 years in the making and there are concerns  from some the locals that it will change the area from being a hangout for the artists and artisans to a rather up-market and priced-out neighbourhood. This is easy to see as it is only a 15 minute ride from Wall Street!

The only real issue I can see is that it is a bit ‘corporate’. It tries to respond to our old fashioned values, but this is big business. The shop is laid out as a series of virtual small shops. But on the whole I give it a thumbs up – it is really well executed.



Art and elevators (lifts)

My New York discovery continues! I’m staying in the Standard Hotel which straddles The High Line. And the lifts contain ‘art’ in the form of a looped film – which is haunting. The trips to the 15th floor aren’t long enough to capture the whole thing!

Marco Brambilla is a New York based artist who creates this amazing 3d films from multiples sources.

It is certainly better than reading the day’s menu or the opening hours of the gym!

A fitting tribute to Zaha Hadid – New York

I am back in NYC, I wish I could tell you I have lost count – but I haven’t. This is trip #23. It is a city which fascinates me; it is the constant change, the incessant push, the restlessness, the disruption.

A walk along the High Line (one of the best pieces of urban open space) today revealed a new building – 520 West 28th Street is a fantastic piece of curved architecture – amongst the perpendicular skyscrapers. That’s not entirely true as Frank Ghery’s IAC Building nearby is known as The Sails building!


The new building sitting adjacent The High Line was designed by the late Zaha Hadid. Works are expected to complete later this year.

The building is 11 storey and will hold 37 apartments. Three are penthouses – the largest will cost a cool $35m. Plans reveal that the penthouse will be a duplex residential expanse with five bedrooms and six full and one half bathroom. The residence will also have a 334-square-foot balcony and a private terrace spanning an area of 2,297 square feet.

This really is sci-fi like and a fitting tribute to a great architect. I think it has some of the features of the Chrysler Building – my favourite building … on the planet!

The original CGI is shown below. After three – IWOOT ….


It’s time for a brand refresh!

I have had a major clear out tonight! Gone is my old blog in its entirety. Gone are hundreds of ‘friends’ on FB, closed is my LinkedIn account. Twitter might be next! I’m having a re-think on digital strategies.

The reality is that I am too busy in my professional life to be bothered with the constant distractions from people I hardly know. So there has been a major cull.

I’m re-thinking my blog (this thing). I am likely just to share images I take and ideas around real estate which I find interesting. Places I love.

Welcome to the new me.