A link you should follow


A very good mate of mine has had a bit of a tough week. He got me into this blogging malarkey.

I keep meaning to bring the blog back, but in the meantime, you should head over to read Johnny Lyle’s story. He is one of the good blokes around the place and he needs some support. So if you can face ‘scrotums‘ and ‘battery acid‘ – yes really – please head over here:

Johnny Lyle learning to walk

I have told him to get himself sorted out and back to his disruptive self. He already has a ‘Brave Boy’ badge because he deserves it.

Update… Johnny is doing pretty well. I called to see him on Thursday (and dropped him a thoughtful / useful gift I think). Read his update here Wonderwoman




One Life. Live it.

It’s been a tough year for those of us who regard music as an important pat of our lives. It didn’t start well when the news filtered through of the death of David Bowie – my favourite artist of all time. He has provided a soundtrack to my life.


But 2016 has been cruel on the music industry – like no other I can remember. It’s a sad list:

Glenn Frey (The Eagles)

Sir George Martin – producer of the Beatles


Pete Burns

Leonard Cohen

Greg Lake

Rick Parfitt

George Michael

In fact the year has been tough on celebrities across the genre – Terry Wogan, Alan Rickman, Ronnie Corbett, Caroline Ahearne, Victoria Wood, Mohammed Ali, AA Gill and Andrew Sachs to name but a few.

You frequently hear that 2016 has been a ‘bad’ year, but this is a complex statistical landscape. The general view is that it has not been an unusually high year, but rather that we are seeing more celebrities now- we are 50 years on from the pop explosion of the 1960’s. We are also much more aware of celebrity now with social media.

Even so, the music industry has lost some real gems – who were not one hit wonders. Stars who stood the test of time. Their music will, of course live on. They leave us with some incredible soundtracks. When you have a moment listen to my favourite track – from the Serious Moonlight tour – Young Americans.

In the meantime we should remember that we do have just the one life …. we should remember to live it!


Amazon – not so prime?

You might recall that I have been using ‘drone’ technology for some time. These amazing little machines are science fiction dream toys. But they are far from toys. I have had a drone for around 18 months. I have started to experiment with 3d building modelling – more on that later!


My first drone has seen better days. It may have had a few ‘heavy landings’. When DJI announced a new mother-ship (the DJI Mavic Pro) back in September I ordered one – via Amazon. The delivery date quickly slipped from 4th November to mid- December. This was not the fault of Amazon – DJI had clearly completely underestimated demand.

Last week I had a note that the drone was to be delivered on Saturday. And it did arrive – in part. The part included propellers, batteries and the charger. But sadly, no drone. What then happens is a long and painful battle with a computerised call-centre system. What has happened is that Amazon have split the pack of drone and ‘kit’. I know this because the nice lady operator told me she had just bizarrely spoken to someone who had the opposite parts to me – a drone but no batteries!

What then happens is frustrating beyond belief. I must return the ‘part’ for a refund. And Amazon have decided not to supply the DJI drones any more (due to the delivery problems). So, I must now order direct and go to the back of the queue. This is ‘unfortunate’ and Amazon are sorry, really sorry.

The tough part to this is that this is an Amazon error and the systems they have simply cannot deal with anything outside of the computer screen that run their business. After a bit of a fight they have added 30 days to my Prime membership. But that will only eat into my new wait time of 8 weeks from DJI.

Amazon is great for stuff when it is simple – but like most of these big organisations it is almost impossible for them to intervene on a human level. They could have put together the two parts when they got them back. That was not an option.

UPDATE… Thanks to my cousin John in Abingdon I now have a Mavic Pro – via Maplin. Fantastic customer service – they had a handful of machines in on Tuesday and I managed to snaffle one. Not had a chance to fly it yet…


Not much good has come so far from the Brexit vote back in June? Politics and the law have become entangled. My favoured holiday currency of the dollar has taken a pounding (every pun intended). The markets are still suffering uncertainty.


But I have been thinking. If we are leaving Europe – can we leave them with their funny little French measurements? To be honest Metric has not really caught on in my Industry. We seem to have acquired a special dispensation of refusing to move away from acres and square feet.

So, perhaps some good has come of the divorce decision?

Metrixit will surely find its place on the Oxford English in the next few years. It will be illegal to quote square metres or hectares?

I would like to tell you I have started the revolution – but in fairness I have never once adopted Metric. Hopefully, I don’t have to now.

Good news at last?