Old fashioned book things

We are all consumed by these computer screens – you’re staring at one now! But like vinyl records, the humble book, in my opinion, is making a comeback. There is really nothing like flicking through a book. I have a Kindle, but don’t really get on with it, I don’t know why as I generally like tech.

I tend to binge read – and several books at once. There are a number on the go at the moment – which I can wholeheartedly recommend. They’re not Fifty Shades or Jilly Cooper..

The first is Mise En Place by Dan Charnas. It explains the mise en place principles of a chef’s work station and how that can be applied to your workplace. The attention to detail appeals to me and it does actually work – do you have your pen on the correct side of your monitor? Mise en place – everything in its place…

In a similar vein Atul Gawande – the Checklist Manifesto explains a technique used in surgery and flying – the humble checklist. It is such a powerful and simple technique you wonder why we needed a book about it, but it is well considered and usable in the workplace.

The second is Traction – by Gino Wickman. This really has started a massive sea change in my business. I was introduced to the book by our accountants – they live by it. I’m 85% of the way there with it – get past the Americanism and the principles are absolutely right. Meetings are now laser focussed and we have a clear direction of travel.

The third really appeals to me – James Watts – Business for Punks. The story of the Brew Dog business and a fascinating read about how to break the rules. I have no idea why this appeals…

I’ll update the list when I get a moment – but these four books really are worth a read!

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