Car Crash?

It’s taken a while for the last 12 month’s political events to sink in. I had started to write this blog a while back, but lost interest. Brexit, Trump and the May disaster in June seem to be the norm in terms of predictability. i.e. completely unpredictable. It is best described as a car crash.


May ran such an appalling campaign that still beggars belief. And Corbyn the ‘un-electable’ came within inches of victory (and don’t write him off just yet). Trump just fires people. We still are clueless on Brexit – hard, soft or whatever flavour the press can conjour up.

I was wondering about some of the statistics though abut the General Election. The UK has a current population of around 65 million. The electorate is 46.8m and in this last  election turnout was 68.7% – 32million people. The Tories took 13.6million votes.

So, put another way 7 out of 10 people eligible to vote in the UK did not vote Tory. It is hardly a ringing endorsement. But then again, the figure for Labour is broadly the same (obviously, slightly worse). I fully understand that this is the nature of politics (and I am certainly no statistician) – but 3 out of 10 people electing the Prime Minister was surprising – to me at least.

Government is not popular with the populous. But then neither is Her Majesty’s official opposition!

The best thing May could have done was put Diane Abbot in charge of the count?


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