The Bullet Journal

My life is a bit of a contradiction – as I’m sure you realise! I like tech toys – the Mavic Pro, my Apple MacBook pro, my Iphone7 et al. I am fairly close to paperless in my office , although some of my colleagues are trying to get ‘less paper’. The advent of Office365 has been a revelation in my ability to work remotely. In the last few days I have discovered an app called Bear – which may just be a game changer, we will see!


But I have one small throwback – a notebook. Actually it’s not just any notebook – it is a bullet journal. It is more of a system than a book – a web of reminders, ideas and reference points. There is no one way of running a BUJO – but the concept is neatly set out here. Ryder Carroll invented the system and it suits my way of working.

It allows me to create a daily log / list. I have monthly reminders and a key calendar to keep track of the big events. I use most of the system – but like most things I have adapted it to the way my brain works!

I use the Leuchtturm1917 book for my scribbles, partly as I like the paper quality – but there’s also another key component – my Pilot Capless Fountain Pen! It has an ultra fine 18k gold nib and is another throwback – invented in 1964 (I was two!) it is just amazing.

These two things are a critical part of my workflow! The journal is a brilliant way to keep track of the myriad of things going on in my world. The pen is just a cultish luxury!

The Bowie flash is all my own work…


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