Nottingham’s best restaurant?

Nottingham is getting a reputation – good one for a change. We have new restaurants opening almost weekly. One of those restaurants is Alchemilla on Derby Road. Alex Bond is the chef owner and he has hewn a brilliant space from a former Victorian coachhouse which has lain vacant and derelict for decades!


For many years now, the Nottingham scene has been dominated by Harts (never a bad meal), World Service (ditto)  and Sat Bains – 2* Michelin rated say’s it all! Alchemilla is, in my view, up there with Sat Bains.

Alex has created this new restaurant and I would be very surprised if he does not get one of the Michelin Stars! It is fantastic and an assault on the taste buds. I always wonder how chef’s dream up dishes – carrots cooked in coffee! Tomato water. Diet chocolate pudding (ok I lied about the diet part).

Alchemilla is a type of herbaceous plant and the plan is to make vegetables exciting. I’m not sure I have ever eaten flowers before…

I loved the building and the living walls. Although it was quiet on Friday lunchtime the setting and atmosphere suit the menu. A five course taster menu was more than enough! There is a 10 course one which I suspect you need to put a few hours aside for.

If you get a chance do go. It is a real treat and a showcase of a truly talented chef.

Brilliant. Just brilliant!

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