Web sites – what next?

My work web site is a few years old now. It does what we need it to do (mainly allow people to search for property). Visitors probably also check where we are based and what we look like! But the major use is the property search facility.


We are looking at some of our branding messages and the question of the web site has raised its ugly digital head.

The issue I have with the web site proposals is the pace of change in IT technologies. If, like me, you have an Amazon Echo you will know the amazing power of Alexa, your digital assistant. She ‘knows’ the weather, the football scores and can control the house lights and heating!

The headlines in recent weeks have picked up on the high-powered spat between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk – two of the worlds richest tech people. The argument runs about the way in which we will develop and use Artificial Intelligence (AI). Musk wants us to pedal back a little, Zuckerberg is at full throttle!

Whichever way this goes it is clear that AI is here to stay and will further develop. This got me thinking about our own web site. If you can currently search for a weather forecast why won’t you be able to ask Alexa in future if I have any offices for sale in Nottingham? I know it is not as simple as that – partly as I make it complex for you – how big?, where?, what condition?, lease or buy?, serviced?, own front door? etc. But the point about AI is that it has the ability to “learn”. So, in theory, it will already “know” some of the parameters.

In the meantime, perhaps we will need to tidy up the look and feel of the current site … but I can’t help but wonder if the next step will be an AI driven product.


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