The future of Cinema?

After years of announcements it looks as though part of the Broad Marsh Centre in Nottingham is to become a Cinema. It will apparently be a multi-screen operation. Good news at last? Let’s hope it isn’t just a news story – the like of which Nottingham as become rather tired.


Nottingham has two multi-screen cinemas – one in town and one out of town. It also has a boutique cinema –  Broadway – where some of the seats were designed by none other than Nottinghams fashion hero –  Sir Paul Smith.

I was at the cinema last Friday night (to see the excellent Dunkirk) and was surrounded by chip eating, popcorn chewing, fanta slurping ‘cinema-goers’. I also had spoken, coincidentally, in the day to the Estates Gazette – who wanted to know what was happening in town. I told them about the new cinema.

Surprise was expressed about another multi-screen operation as the vogue seems to be, as far as they could tell on a National perspective, toward the boutique. Towards making the experience less about popcorn and more about wine and fine dining – something Broadway seem to do.

The thinking is that it currently takes 60 days for a movie to be available at home. Home food delivery services are increasing and so the cinema ‘experience’ will become critical – if the cinema is to survive.

I try really hard to be positive about the Broad Marsh Shopping centre, but it really does need something revolutionary to make it relevant and popular again? The current designs have been nearly 20 years in the making.

And all we have at the moment are deck chairs?

One thought on “The future of Cinema?

  1. Went to NYC (your favourite hunting ground) a few weeks back & you can’t fail to be inspired by the way they use space there & the concepts they have.
    Then Broadmsrsh. And a multi screen. Playing Back To The Future?

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