I blogged a few days ago about my bullet journal. As a ‘system’ for organising the multitude of things going on it is brilliant. However, as a paperless evangelist it does go against the grain. This was brought home last week when I got a paper cut from it – one of my fellow Directors asked how I got such things. He had a point.


My digital notebook for some time now has been OneNote – part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is great – but not terribly intuitive and ‘stuff’ can easily get lost.

I did mention in that post last week that I am using an App called Bear. This may be the answer to my digital prayers. Firstly it is synchronised on my laptop, iPad and phone. I can use #tags which are then organised into a single place, it allows lists of things to do and I can drop images int to the text. Hyperlinks and email addresses work automatically.

What I really like is the simplicity of it. You can operate it in ‘focus’ mode if you need to write. But you can add levels of detail – including the usual bold, italics and underline.  It is really intuitive.

Is this the end of the humble note book? Maybe, but I have been there before and it has returned…

2 thoughts on “Paperless?

  1. Does this replace OneNote – or is it more of an addition? I also use OneNote but would welcome something more ‘user friendly’ but still with the ability to keep lists etc….

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