Help! Watson Fothergill at risk – update!

Nottingham had two incredibly prolific Architects in the late 1800’s – T C Hire and Watson Fothergill. The latter was responsible for some great ornate and playful architecture around the town.


He built around 100 buildings in the city between 1870 and 1906. His trademark lies in the characteristic red and blue brickwork embellished with carvings, friezes and other grand flourishes.

If you look carefully on the Bank on Thurland Street (now home to All Saints) you might just spot the mortgage monkey clinging on to the chimney stack! And there is no finer example of the ornate and detailed architecture than Fothergill’s office on George Street.

I passed the old offices at the weekend to notice that part of the pavement has been fenced off – some of the brickwork on the oriel window has started to collapse. I hadn’t realised that this damage is 2 years old – according to report, a careless lorry driver was guilty.

This is a really important Nottingham building – and it needs urgent attention to put it back. I guess that it is bound up in an Insurance claim. Or, more likely, we can’t find craftsmen to build it how it was constructed originally?

Delighted to see that Bonsers restoration has completed the repair work – well-done guys!



One thought on “Help! Watson Fothergill at risk – update!

  1. I know this is a few months old, but if you take a look at the building now, you’ll see that we are almost finished with the restoration works. You’re quite correct, it was caught up with the third party insurer, sadly leaving it almost 3 years before works could be started. If you would like any more information on the restoration process, please feel free to get in touch with us at Bonsers.

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