Barratt Homes – sharp practice?

Sometimes you encounter situations which just beggar belief. At the weekend we visited the Barratt Homes development at Woodhouse Park Nottingham. Although the show house decor was garish, to say the least, the new houses seem well built. And the current phase is pretty much sold out.


There was some indifference from the two sales staff about taking details for future releases – I mean why would you take a potential clients details? But what was more pressing was the question about whether we had a Financial Advisor. Yes was the innocent reply.

It seems that there are some company policies in place – Barratt insist you speak to their Financial Advisor even if you have your own. I asked why? Two reasons were given – firstly to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s“, secondly “for money laundering purposes“.

I know a little about these things and this is utter tosh. I think a lawyer might just manage to “dot the t’s” for me – and “money laundering“?

This is shameless up-sell of financial services. It is not legal for them to insist that you go to their own advisors – unless they are making an offer to you (paying the deposit / throwing in carpets). They were doing neither. It turns out the thy have already been warned about this by the Housing and Communities Agency – who administer the “help to buy” scheme.

I have emailed Barratt for a response on this nonsense – I’ll let you know if I get a reply. I am guessing that it was all a bit of a misunderstanding….


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