Princess Diana RIP

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago we woke up to the shocking news that Princess Diana had been killed in Paris.

Diana was someone who brought the Royal family to life but frustrated the hell out of them too. She was an icon of her time. She was perhaps a manipulator and the manipulation just went too far. Once the media train was running it couldn’t be stopped. Her untimely and horrific death was a real shock – to everyone.

It was a very sad time and with the various interviews over the last few weeks and the emergence of ‘new news’ – particularly from William and Harry – you do sit back and reflect – what a tragic waste of a young life.

You can only hope that she found peace from the maniacal world she lived in.

I think the most interesting piece on all of this tragedy this week was the documentary about the reaction of the Queen at the time. She was vilified for not coming back from Balmoral to mourn with ‘her people’. It was easy to get dragged along by the press (who you could argue killed Diana) in the calls for her to return. But she was doing exactly what she thought was right for Willian and Harry – protecting them from the glare of the media. In hindsight she was entirely right and we were, collectively, entirely wrong. It was not callous it was compassion.

Time to reflect again….

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