Star Trek times?

Technology has come a long way in the last five decades. The stuff of science fiction is fast becoming science fact.


Although yesterday’s Apple keynote speech was dull by the Steve Job’s measure – another new iphone yawn – there was one announcement which really is as high tech as it gets.

The iWatch with built in cellular. A watch no longer needed to be coupled to your phone. One that is a phone.

This really is amazing stuff. I’m sure as a child this was a dream! A watch you could talk into. Timex would surely have been tipped to deliver? Dick Tracy was probably there first?

But it’s not just a phone, it is a miracle of computing – you can ask it via Siri to fetch information and do (digital) things for you. Music on your wrist, maps, email and wireless headphones too…

And it even tells the time? How long then before Apple sort out the time travel thing? 5 years?

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