Testing times

It is nearly 30 years since I left “Trent Poly” – now elevated to Nottingham Trent University. My degree was completed in 5 years on a part time basis. They were great times and I somehow got myself a commendation. There were no 1st Class Honours in those days. My Bachelor of Science in Urban Estate Surveying was the route to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors badge.


And I have a new job. I have been appointed as an External Examiner for four courses, the MSc Building Surveying, MSc International Real Estate Investment and Finance, MSc Planning and Development and MSc Real Estate. My four year appointment started a few weeks ago and I have my first meeting in the next few weeks.

I’m really looking forward to this. I was an assessor for the RICS in the final assessment for students, but resigned a couple of years ago. It was always an interesting experience to meet and see the standards of those coming into the profession. They are, after all, the future!

The courses for which I am signed up to show a wide variety of the work surveyors do – from the built environment (where I started my career) to Planning, development and the valuation side. Much of this work comes across my desk, so the ability to feed back some of the real life experiences and issues we face should, I hope be of help.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find… Which will not include the tape in the picture – that might have existed when I did my training (along with a chain!) but it has long gone, it’s all lasers and apps now!



One thought on “Testing times

  1. Good luck Tim especially with that planning stuff! Agree the more that professionals and academics can collaborate the better- and we all gain from young enthusiastic students reminding us what it should be about…

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