2023 a Cultural Odyssey?

I mentioned back in August that Nottingham has thrown a large hat in the ring to become the European Capital of Culture 2023. There is now a website – which you can access here.


It is important for us all here to back this bid. It gives the City a great opportunity to sell itself on the world stage as a great city of culture. We have some iconic things here Рfrom  Nottingham Contemporary to Rock City.

I have signed up and encourage everyone to do so. The support of the public is important to the bid process.

I hope that we do develop the Robin Hood theme, but also that of a city of rebels. The rebellion aspect was a key finding in our Sheriffs Commission research 10 years ago. It was a key message – and I can point to the eureka moment when we spotted the Rebel Rebel (Bowie influenced) record shop on Bleeker Street in New York – now sadly closed!

We are not afraid of pushing the boundaries, of going against the grain. We speak up when things aren’t right and we fight if we need to.

This heritage is powerful and differentiates us. It also allows us to be creative. And creativity breeds a culture.

Back the bid or else!

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