Crystal ball gazing?

I have to write a number of ‘talks’ in the next couple of weeks. It’s that time of year when my firm look back at the last 12 months trading in the East Midlands and compare this with the last five years to see if trends are emerging in values.

Close-up Of Businessman Hand On Crystal Ball

Whilst looking back is interesting and neccesary in some parts of our busines it has limitations. There are two quite distinct parts of our business – one which makes a market, the other takes it. The makers are the agents, pushing the boundaries to see if we can push values. The takers are those who have to put their necks on the block – valuing for lenders as an example.

So, some of our professionals need to look forward and having them make predictions is tough at the moment. The Country is massively divided – and run by a divided government. Brexit looms large. The business environment is uncertain.

But then I have said this before. And we have been ok. In fact, better than ok.

So, on the basis that things aren’t too bad (in fact, quite good!) perhaps we should be positive about the future. And perhaps the future is even better.

So here goes, my predictions for the near future…

  1. Brexit will get sorted. There will be a fudge. The world will go on.
  2. Aritifial Intelligence will take giant leaps forward – and help us in our daily lives – particularly in medicine.
  3. We will realise that computers don’t have the answer to everything. People do real business with people – always have and always will. Digital has a place but need not dominate our lives.
  4. Offices as we know them are dead. They will be needed for social interaction in the future.

That’s the big stuff. Locally, we are robust enought to ride out the short term political irritants. They are nothing more than that. People need buildings for shelter – as a minimum.  They need buildings interact socially and for business. All will be just fine. Unless you are in London when it will be a bit bumpy for a while.



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