That can’t be right?

It’s not really my Birthday – but rather two anniversaries this week. Today marks 20 years at Innes England. Seems like yesterday – honestly! But then tomorrow marks 40 years since I started work at Home Brewery. So for more than half of my working life I have been in my current firm. Yes – you would get a lot less for murder.


It’s been a while since I looked at my blog. I stopped as I had a new bigger job (Managing Director) – but that too has changed in recent months. I now have one foot in the grave with a the title of Chairman. May be the blog will come back. Maybe it won’t.

There’s some mileage in not looking back but I can’t help a moment of nostalgia, if only to see how far we (and I) have come.

Some observations:

  • The kid with an O level did Ok in the end …  I think.
  • Trainee Architectural Technician to Chairman of Innes England. Hmmm.
  • He is now pretty much paperless – a far cry from the start of working life of Rotring pens and tracing paper drawings – and the “ammonia” printer.
  • Coffee shops and “coffices”? The move to to being able to work anywhere and at anytime might not turn out to be all good; but we have it.
  • Iphone? The Motorola brick was introduced in 1983 – I had one in 1988. And a watch you can talk to – like Star Trek?
  • Autonomous / self driving cars with GPS and not an AA map book in sight.
  • Watching TV when you want to on a mobile device – with live pause. And ditto music – an entire collection on my phone.
  • Twitter, facebook – what were they? (Mark Zuckerberg is 33 years old!)

Wow. The world really has changed and you can’t help but wonder – where to next? What will the next 40 years bring – space travel? Time travel? Embedded technology? Disease eradicated and medical conditions cured? It has been said that children born today will be the first generation to reach 100 years old. When I was born, my life expectancy was 68 years … 12 years to go then on that basis.




2 thoughts on “That can’t be right?

  1. Well, what a pleasant return to form!

    I could say that the brief flowering of blogging is a story of our times, too. A great way to provide the kind of personal commentary and insight that more formal platforms preclude, but crowded out perhaps by the sheer noise and volume of other more needy social media.

    Blogging seems a bit more grown-up by comparison. Less is more?

    The same may be becoming true of tech. I now have the most expensive and fanciest iPhone ever. And I use it less because I’m literally drowning in content. My most regular read is now a book>

  2. Haha thank you. I may well be back, free of the shackles of having to be nice!
    Ye agree, blogging has probably changed for the better, but I do agree – the digital world has become a sea of noise. Books are back; currently reading – Small Giants: companies that choose the be great instead of big. Digital detoxing may be a future necessity….

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