A second brain?

A few years ago, on a previous blog I wrote about how I used a bullet journal, which was then eaten by a Bear. Last year I discovered Ulysses – which was a great notetaker and was the app I used to make notes for lectures.

I have just cancelled my subscription to both. It’s not that I dislike them, just that there is a new much shinier thing. And it’s not just shiny – It is a complete revelation.

I have discovered Notion – I had actually downloaded it a few months ago, but didn’t have the time to get to grips with its apparent complexity. It has taken me a few days and I am still tweaking it; but I now have a fantastic, one stop shop for everything. It has all of my projects, to do lists, call logs, general notes, web clippings, book reading list and my CRM. The clever bit is that each area is connected, it is a massive relational database.

I must confess that the start was a bit daunting, but YouTube is an amazing resource for our age. There are countless ‘how to’ videos and whilst they weren’t all to my taste, you can quickly glean what Notion actually does. It is scalable and totally flexible for anyone. It can operate a business or your personal life. Or both. You can collaborate in teams too -although you do need to upgrade to do that.

The video I came across which really explains what Notion can do was by Tiago Forte – you can watch it here. The lofty idea is that we can create a second brain… and Notion can help. Like all software it is a tool and must be seen as that.

You do need to have some structure to your work / life before you start trying to load the app with all of your thoughts and notes!

If you fancy giving Notion a try – click the referral link here – they’ll give you a $10 credit toward a pro account (and me $5 towards mine). I haven’t yet upgraded to pro – but will probably do so – for $4 a month it looks to be good value. The free version has a data size limit which if you are attaching pdf’s you will need.

Notion has just eaten a Bear – and Ulysses too…


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