The Marché International des Professionnels d’ Immobilier – lovingly known as “MIPIM” takes place each March in the South Of France

I have blogged fairly extensively about the show. The show has now become a great example, in my view, as to how the private sector can help the public sector in these times of austerity.

Team Nottingham was born in 2011 and has a number of ‘sponsors’ – including Nottingham Regeneration Limited, Innes England, CPMG Architects, Miller Birch, Gleeds, Morgan Tucker, Rizk McCay, Couch Perry Wilkes,Boots, Cartwright Communications and Geldards. Each invest to be able to host a number of events. These give the team an opportunity to sell the wares of Nottingham – in the hope that we can encourage investment.

New Investment is the lifeblood of the City. Our intention is to maintain the brilliant work that Nottingham City Council have done previously.

Plans are underway to have a bigger presence in 2015….