Much of my blog is centred on Nottingham – mainly because it’s where I was born and where I live and work.

I try to deliver stories on my blog about my City – which I am proud of – and want to see succeed. I am involved in lots of projects which I hope add to the place.

I go to lots of presentations – and I get to hear lots of facts – but I want to try to get away from this and concentrate on what makes Nottingham different! So here goes. I would welcome your help!

We seem to be an Industrious lot. And independent – we speak our minds. Not in a brash way like a Mancunian might. I think we are a bit of a City of Rebels – dating back some time. We are renowned for our friendliness. And hopefully the cleanliness of the city too.

So these rebels?

The obvious and famous one would be Robin Hood in the 13th Century. The story is well documented – if more legend than fact, but he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. My mate John Lyle has developed some brand values here.

Then King Charles I raised his standard in Nottingham in August 1642. The King apparently commenced the War in Nottingham because of its central position (and his belief that the people would rally to his support) but they did not. He left Nottingham in September 1642. Sent off with his tail between his legs!

In January 1840 there was an attempt to seize the town hall by the Nottingham Chartrists – who were reported to be arming themselves. There was rioting, resulting in four hundred arrests. But, there was another side to Nottingham Chartists, for whenever money was needed for the National Rent, a fund set up to help supporters of Chartism who had fallen on hard times, or the ill, sick, victims and widows in need, there were considerable contributions from the town.

And then we can come in to the 20th Century and look at the likes of Brian Clough – a hugely successful manager at Nottingham Forest who did things his own way. Charismatic, outspoken and controversial – pretty much sums him up.

There will be others and the story still needs work…But if you have any ideas please feel free to comment!