Sad news – Rik Mayall

I was saddened yesterday to hear that Rik Mayall had died – aged just 56. At the time I write this there are no details of his death.

Most of the commentators were celebrating his life and remembering performances in The Young Ones and Bottom. He co-wrote The Young Ones with Lise Mayer and Ben Elton and like the other cult show, Fawlty Towers, there were just 12 episodes.

But my memory of him was as Kevin Turvey, the Brummy investigative journalist on Kick up the Eighties. His blue anorak and a penchant for Theresa Kelly were brilliant. Each week he delivered a rant at camera, dressed up as his investigative journalism.

Mayall was anarchic and brilliant. I used to wait eagerly for the next episode!

Some people suggest my life is modelled on Clarkson, I’d like to think that it was more likely Kevin Turvey…

He’ll be missed.

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