The fine line in F1

I was at the Qualifying day for the 50th anniversary Grand Prix on Saturday. I have never been before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was hoping it might not rain – so I didn’t get wet, but the rain adds much to the excitement. I mean it increases the prospect of skiddy cars!


Hamilton got it all wrong – I suspect he thought as the end of qualifying approached that he was in a great position (pole!) and with rain falling no one would go out again. But they did – and he slipped to 6th on the grid for the start of the race.

You’ll now know that he won on Sunday. In impressive style.

I thought there were some interesting lessons…

1. Even when you are in front, never ever underestimate your opponent(s). They will fancy playing catch up.
2. Reliance on mechanical things offers a chance for things to go wrong – even when everything else is going right!
3. The use of anger (Hamilton was furious about losing pole on Saturday) can be turned into something positive – in his case a win.
4. Winning at this level requires a huge amount of concentration – both in keeping the car on the track (not easy in the rain) but also mental toughness in dealing with apparent failure.
4. You need a first class team behind you. The best of the best.

Useful in business?

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