Cornwall ….

It’s a long time since I was last in Cornwall – I think it was 1977 – August. Elvis died.


But I went back last week – just for a few days break. I really enjoyed it but have a few observations.

1. In 37 years not much has changed – especially the roads. The downside to this is that the traffic has…
2. The proportion of (bloody) caravans to cars is ridiculously high. Motorhomes don’t cut it either.
3. Dog friendly. And people who regard dogs as off-spring are in epidemic proportion. One dog in a pink pram was noted (I kid you not).
4. Parking. Nightmare. Expensive.
5. Tate at St Ives. I am spoilt by Nottingham Contemporary’s Art For Free policy. Nearly £25 for three of us. I wouldn’t have minded but it wasn’t exactly Tate sized. They did have a little Jackson Pollock.
6. Lands End. Just dire. Commercialism gone mad. The National Trust should use compulsory purchase powers to snatch it back for the people.
7. Paganism. Widespread and worrying.
8. Padstein. There should be a Monopolies and Mergers Commission review. Although the fish and chips were rather good.
9. ‘Boutique and fashion shops’. Limited to Claire’s and Accessorize. Fashionistas down time.
10. Surfer dudes. Nuff said.

But the overall experience was rather good. The Bedruthan Steps Hotel was really impressive. Highly recommended.

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