IT Update….

We’re undertaking a major IT update at work. It’s been a few years since we had to upgrade our systems and we have been muddling along for a little while. It all works – but only just!

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We have made a decision to shift our computing the ‘the cloud’. This means a wholesale roll out of Office 365 across our three offices. It also means we are having to completely re-think out filing protocols. I mean ‘introduce‘ some filing protocols!

In addition to our IT system upgrade we have also decided to move our entire telephone system to 3CX – a web / cloud based system. I have seen it working and it is superb. Taking desk phones off people is going to be fun. Comfort toys are going!

The whole move is intended to help us shift towards mobile and agile working. To some extent we can do this already – but this is a seismic shift.

This also brings into question what our offices will look like in the future. I have been thinking about this for some time. There is no question in my firm that we will move away from our Nottingham, Derby & Leicester roots. However, you do have to question what sort of bases we will need in the future. Hot design was a bot of a fad a few years ago – but I can see this being achieved much easier now. Why will firms need big, expensive offices – not least with little boxes – all cellular and old-fashioned.

Meeting rooms, coffee points and social space will be more important.

Exciting times!

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