A long 24 hours…

My sponsored 24 hour squash marathon finished on Saturday night at 6pm. I was part of a team of five – who played continuously at Nottingham Park Squash Club for a very long day!

Four of the five 24 hour team! Looking a little jaded?

Four of the five 24 hour team! Looking a little jaded?

We started with gusto – with four of the five playing doubles – at a fairly frenetic pace. We then split the team up to make sure we got some rest! I think I probably spent around 10 hours on court in total. I didm’t sleep – just ‘rested’. I went to Costa at 5.45am! Through the night was tough – with an hour on court and two off.

We played doubles, three-quarters (using on part of the court – to allow plenty of people on court!), singles (infusing a very competitive match after 18 hours – which hurt a lot!) and a new game for me – ‘killer’. The latter involved 20 players on court – and punishment for making mistakes is to lie at the font of the court – increasing the prospect of getting hit…

Mt team was the only one not from The University of Nottingham – they managed to field five teams! Some payed in fancy dress (the boys in leopard skin dress were a sight to behold!

As I write this I have raised £685 on-line – through some really generous donations. I also have some cash collected at the club’s AGM on Friday night – and I’m promised some more in the week.

I think we raised well over £1,000 for the BBC’s Children in Need appeal. It was great to be involved – but I was glad of the rest on Sunday!

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