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If you know me personally you’ll know I have been on a bit of a healthy eating ‘project’ since 1st July. ‘Project’ is another name for ‘diet’. It’s an odd subject – some people are hugely supportive, others ‘ignore it’. It is a bit odd really – it’s almost taboo.


I have never been on a diet in my life – as I like sweet food far too much! Chocolate, sugar, custard, cake, cheesecake and sweets were top of my list. But cheese too was a weakness. It has (almost) all gone. I didn’t drink a lot anyway – so that was easy! In fact it has all been (relatively) easy – if not boring. I was never a fan of green food and salad is a necessity. Super-food salad is hard work! Sugar has gone from my morning cappuccino – the porridge remains. Chicken is frequent – but little, if any red meat.

My ‘petrol station’ lunches have gone. As have snacks – and eating before bed.

At the weekend the weight loss tally was 3 stone. I still have a little more to lose.

At the weekend I was visiting my mum in hospital and this vending machine was spotted – which really sums up ‘healthy eating’ in some peoples minds! I’ll leave you to make a judgement about the sign – just in front of the crisps, mars bar, crunches, faint orange etc…

IMG_0232 2

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