The paperless office?

I might have touched on the desire of my office to try to be paperless. We have failed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 21.32.28

We still have comfort blanket style files. They have plans and copy emails in (that used to read copy letters – but we don’t write many letters now!). In some cases we red files for maintaining our professional indemnity insurance. The phrase ‘contemporaneous notes’ rings in a young surveyors ears!

I have made a bit of a step though. I left my notebook and pen behind at Christmas. It was a big step as I still quite like a notebook (Leuchtturm if you must ask). I also like ink pens.

But they all went and I switched to my iPad. I principally use an App called Day One – not because it is clever but rather I can make entries on any of my devices and they sync to each other. I also use dropbox and Evernote pro. I think it works ok – I have to be a bit more organised than scribbling a note. But the notes are gone. If I need them on a file I print the Day One note!

But this new little toy came to my notice yesterday – Sony have seemingly managed to cross a notepad with a kindle and created the nattily titled DPTS1 – which stands for Digital Paper System (except it doesn’t). Even if there’s an extra “T” I still want one!

This looks to be a clever move forward…

Pricing is rumoured to be around $1,000.

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