Nottingham has nothing to fear

As I blogged yesterday about the Australian Pink Floyd concert I went to, I omitted to mention the Manchester Experience.

Street Art Manchester style

As the concert wasn’t due to finish until 11pm we decided to stay over -in Malmaison (a hotel chain I have used variously for the last ten years or so). The hotel was great.

But this is a city of Fred Perry wearing folks, who all seem pretty sure of themselves. I think the Mancunian way is one of ‘swagger’. Think Oasis and ‘we don’t care’. They think they are the best.

But it’s not that different a place form most big towns. They might have a Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, but at one stage I thought I was in Leeds (which would have been a dangerous statement to make I think).

My impression was that it’s not a clean place, some parts were decidedly litter strewn. But the worst impression I got was in the Starbucks we gravitated to near to the Arndale shopping centre. The staff were abrupt and more like New Yorkers than New Yorkers. We had to sit upstairs as the ground floor was full. But there were signs everywhere warning of handbag and laptop thieves operating. And the toilets were locked off (you had to go downstairs for a code).

Nottingham is often accused of being a dangerous place, but I genuinely didn’t feel as safe in Manchester as I do at home. In my local Starbucks they don’t lock the door of the toilet!

And then there was the meal in Cafe Rouge – with a cut down menu (Peter Kays fault apparently…). Cold chips and warm Sauvignon Blanc with a hard Salmon steak were order of the day. Afterwards we walked to the MEN Arena – only to be confronted with three lads running through Victoria Station – someone else’s handbag in tow.

But the best was saved for last – hasty walk back through the centre at 11pm. I honestly felt less safe in Manchester than I do in Nottingham…

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  1. I stayed in Manchester for three months a few years back, and I’d have to agree with you – Nottingham feels far safer.

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