Nottingham – a new market?

Yesterday plans were released showing proposals for Sneinton Market – and the public are being consulted.

The Sneinton Square proposals

This is a really important piece of architecture for the city. It goes hand in hand with the redevelopment of the Victoria Baths – which were saved last year after a public outcry at their proposed demolition. Dutch architects Group A have done the design – which includes a new Dance4 studio.

This is a really important scheme for Nottingham. It sits right on the edge of the city and has the potential to connect some of the poorest neighbourhoods with the city, whilst maintaining their own identity. Some of the existing buildings are beyond repair and are at the end of their useful life. Some (including The Peggers) can and should be saved. But the open space area can be a proper market again. And double as social space.

In the last twelve months I have seen two great examples of how markets can work.

The first was in Los Angeles and is known as The Farmers Market (onto which has been built an amazing new centre – The Grove). This scheme was really well executed – and had us stay for quite some time. It was an eclectic mix of stalls, small independent shops and great food outlets – next to more modern stores…

The other is in London – Borough Market – which is often seen at the start of TV cookery programmes – where fresh food can be bought from traditional stalls.

These sorts of places have all but disappeared from out psyche in recent years with the growth of the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda. But they do have a place – and sometimes I think we have lost some of the human scale of our cities.

The regeneration of Sneinton Market may also have a knock-on effect. It might just breathe some life back into Hockley – a part of town that has suffered more than most in the recent recession.

This looks like a proposal to be supported!

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