I have finally decided – but it’s no good

Election Day 2010 has arrived. The great British public get a chance to decide who tries to get us out of the almighty mess the UK is in. It has been a long and bruising campaign – especially for some.

Following in the footsteps of lookalike Arnie

I had come to a decision but then sadly found out that he was not standing. I may have given a clue a few days ago, but I am firmly on the side of Jeremy Clarkson for PM. As he said, “The fact is that, with the Bank of England controlling interest rates, the Americans telling us who to fight and the EU running everything else, there is very little for the 650 braying yobs in the Palace of Westminster to do every day.”

Some of his brilliant ideas:

1. Get rid of speed cameras
2. Increase the speed limit to 150mph on motorways
3. Make all HGV traffic travel only at night
4. Encourage global warming – we would be ok with LA’s weather?
5. Ban Health and Safety
6. Encourage smoking – it helps keep the young from getting old?
7. End recycling – just one bin collected once per week.
8. Kick out bureaucrats

This has a lot going for it…

Sadly, the sensible parties are the only ones you can put a cross next to. Which is a shame.

[p.s Clearly as a sensible law abiding green-going member of society I find these suggestions rather silly and of little merit – honest.]

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