£3.5m for a house…

News this week that Nottingham has a rather expensive house for sale. Possibly the best address in Nottingham is Adams Hill (people on Beeston Fields drive might disagree!)

a house with a million pound view - or three...

Adams Hill overlooks Wollaton Park Golf Club (although the front garden has the less pretty A52). When I played at there a few weeks ago I commented to my playing partner (and neighbour) about the house with its stunning balcony overlooking the course. He had looked around it courtesy of the builder and was impressed. But this week East Midlands Today were given a more full viewing.

It does look stunning – complete with swimming pool, hair solon and six bedrooms – all with en-suite. Then there is the 6.5m long chandelier in the hallway.

In a nice twist it is to be named after the Building Inspector who worked with the developer; Stuart Musson died just before the house was completed. Musson House is now on the market.

I think this is probably the most expensive house in the town – Bunny Hall – home to secret millionaire Chek Whyte – is for sale at £3.375m

As my colleague said in the office – all we need now is a premier league footballer to turn up; will Forest be in the Premier league one day? Or perhaps the slightly more ambitious County will beat them to it. Since the developer won’t be able to wait that long a commute to manchester is not too bad?

I do realise that my blog is read by some folks south of Watford – who will think this proposition cheap – trust me – you could buy a row of houses in some parts of Nottingham for 3m quid!


Despite the attempts of Daisy Waugh to put people off our fair City, I am told this super-property has been sold. The brochures are on hold and the ‘sold’ sign is about to be hung on the board. No details as to the price achieved, we’ll have to wait for that. And the news as to whether this was the highest ever price for a house in Nottingham?

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12 comments on “£3.5m for a house…

  1. I just love the idea of some bacon overlooking the 2nd tee!

    Some on Croft Road/Firs Road in Bridgford may disagree with you over the best road in Nottingham.

    • I missed this at first – but bacon sandwiches on the ‘balcony’ really suits your down to earth and ‘common’ touch. I like it very much.

      South of the River isn’t Nottingham – its really north Leicestershire…

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  3. Hi Tim

    Not sure if you remember me (I used to work for you at Innes England Derby many moons ago, although I had a different surname). Just read your blog about the house on Adams Hill and loved it. I’m glad that someone commented on the awful article that was put in the Sunday Times. I had the opportunity of looking around Adams Hill with Guy Phoenix and thought it was amazing. The article was not fair and Guy did not deserve this kind of bad press. Nice one!!

    Hope you are well


    • Hi Jolie, yes of course I remember you! Daisy Waugh and A A Gill both gave is a bad time; but we did get an apology! https://timgarrattnottingham.co.uk/2011/04/05/the-slaying-of-nottinghams-crime-reputation/
      Good to hear from you; hope you are well!

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