Hotels.Com – beware!

Last week I stayed in London. I had a long two days of meetings. It was a set of fairly late arrangements – I couldn’t book my usual hotel. I was also in the West End – away from the centre.


I searched via Google and found 196 Bishopsgate – ideally placed and reasonably (for London!) priced. The booking was done through I had a confirmation email – with a long number.

I turned up at the Hotel after a long day of meetings to be be met by the poker faced receptionist who say ‘non’. They didn’t have the booking. I showed him the reference but alas he was not on my side. Worse still they were fully booked with people who didn’t share my name.

It was Hotels.Com fault apparently. I called Hotels.Com from the reception – 14p per minute. Despite their best efforts it was all lost – there was no room at the Inn. In fairness I was tired and marginally irritable at this point. The girl offered to call me back to make alternative arrangements. After 49 minutes I gave up. I do realise in this interweb age that the call centre is unlikely to be near where I live – but the girl was struggling with the concept of where I was and where I wanted to sleep. Heathrow may have been her idea of where London is in the world – but it isn’t exactly convenient for the West End. I had no idea where West-meinster was – presumably close to large Benjamin?

It took me 4 minutes to book on my phone what it had taken Hotels.Com 49 minutes to fail to do. I had to pay though – the choice was limited!

You may be surprised to know that I have complained – that was a week ago. No reply just yet… I’m not holding my breath.

So beware – just because you have confirmed booking doesn’t mean you have a confirmed booking at Hotels.Com.

UPDATE.. No I haven’t yet had a reply, but they did invite me to rate their booking ystem, which I did (‘poor’ but nothing rude!). Then I got this email … It seems that they don’t like the truth.


UPDATE 2 – it’s 24 days tomorrow since I lodged my complain – am hoping that they meant they’d be in touch in 24 days – and the suggestion of 24 hours was a typo?

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  1. Tim, sincerely hope you will post this on Trip Advisor, and I don’t believe it’s the fault of the website, it’s the hotel for bumping your booking, selling it to someone else, possibly for a higher price. Aparrently this is not unusual, it happens through other web bookings, seem to recall a similar complaint about Travelodge. The Only real way to beat is to check in as soon as possible. Appreciate you can’t do this if you are in meetings. If it were me I would send the bill to the hotel that bumped you. At the very least for any difference in price. Good luck and thanks for the heads up, I won’t be staying at that hotel any time soon………

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