Rendezvous – an amazing video

My son Jak is mad about cars and showed me this amazing video on Youtube.

It’s a car hurtling through the Streets of Paris – running various red lights all in search of a romantic Rendezvous. It’s difficult to see how they did this – allegedly they had one spotter car, but otherwise ran the film off the front of their Mercedes. It seems that a Ferrari soundtrack was added later.

The driver and Director was Charles Lelouch – it was filmed in 1976 at 5.30am.

It was shot in a single take – and the route is approximately 10k, meaning the average speed was only 77kph… It looks faster.

Snow Patrol used part of the film for their video on “Open Your Eyes”.

There are plenty of urban myths about the film – one that at its first screening Lelouch was arrested!

Watch it – but try not to blink or flinch!

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