RICS Assessment of Professional Competence

It’s that time of year again when a new cohort of candidates fumble their way towards their professional qualification. The RICS have spring and autumn sittings. After a 2 year diary the candidates send a critical analysis and have a final one hour interview.

I have sat as an assessor for a few years now. I did it to help my own firms candidates initially, but it also is good for me – I have to keep up to date with my professional knowledge.

I try to help our candidates (we have two in this session) in the run up to their interviews. But this week they are due to hand in their critical analysis’. I read these for them – and try to make constructive comments. I use lots of red ink up (which, as an aside, I understand you can’t use in schools now – ‘too aggressive’?) – trying to point things out!

If you are doing your APC – my top 5 tips…

1. Treat it as a report. It should be clear, concise and without typos. Don’t rely on the Word dictionary – that won’t tell you that the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is an issue for us!

2. Get your significant other to read it – and ask them if they understand it! Or at least understand the gist of what you did. They should be able to!

3. We are assessing you as an individual – so phrases like “My firm did the Conflict checks” might lead to a question as to whether you did it. Documents peppered with ‘we’ might lead to lots of questions. It’s you being tested – not your firm!

4. Use language which makes you sound like a surveyor! Leases tend not to start – they commence! They don’t finish either – they expire! Small things – but clues as to whether you have seen the language we are accustomed to!

5. Don’t bullshit. We can smell it.

I should make it clear that these are my own views!

If you are doing the APC – good luck!

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