Two screen sofa-lising

Apparently our TV viewing habits are changing. We are becoming a nation of two-screens – a TV on the one hand and a laptop / tablet device in the other. And it seems we are conversing with each other in real time whilst watching TV.

Some research carried out by Thinkbox has suggested:
* 60% concurrently watch TV and go online at least 2-3 times a week; one in three (37%) do so every day;
* 44% have used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter while watching TV;
* 37% have chatted online about TV content – programmes or advertising;
* One in five (19%) have shared TV content on a social network;
* 9% have joined a TV-related Facebook group.

I know that I spend a lot of time on my laptop, working, reading news and blogging. Whether I am actually watching TV is debatable. A lot of the time the TV is simply on in the background.

This is interesting research though because it may well shape our viewing habits. I know that some programmes (like million pound drop) are tapping in to this phenomena – relaying the results of the publics reactions / answers being played on line.

The only worrying thing is that we may have stopped going out and meeting people! The phrase ‘sofa-lising’ has been born!

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