Vodaphone – how not to do customer service

I moved our telephone account at work 18 months ago from O2 to Vodaphone. O2 couldn’t compete on price.

Initially Vodaphone were great, but we then had a change of account manager’ and the fun started. First, it seemed that our ‘agreement’ that the phones were ‘warranted’ for the 2 years of the contract was being questioned. Despite open emails, there was apparently some small print…

Then we had some fraudulent activity on our account – someone had ordered a number of phones (Colin I recall) and had them delivered to various addresses in Kent – where we don’t have offices. At least Colin signed for them. I asked Vodaphone to report this to the Police, but am still waiting to hear…

But here’s the rub. Vodaphone have charged our account with around £5,000 for the phones – and collected the monies by Direct Debit. I have asked them for the cash back, but amazingly, they have to ‘investigate this’ and last week couldn’t tell me how long this would take. I imagine it is quite difficult to give money back (as opposed to collect it). In one email I was asked whether we could ‘discuss my expectations’. I wasn’t quite sure which Anglo-Saxon phrase to use which suitably fit the bill for my reply.

This sort of thing drives me mad with big organisations. They are like layers of an onion – you have to keep peeling away – but you have no idea where you are in the process.

I am now in touch with the CEO’s office – who are very nice, but haven’t quite got the whole picture…they need to investigate. There’s a theme emerging I think you will see.

As for the renewal of the account which we need to think about shortly, I wonder if we will start with Vodaphone. I think I know the answer!

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  1. Nasty!

    You’re so right about this statement: “They are like layers of an onion – you have to keep peeling away – but you have no idea where you are in the process.” Your patience is tested up to the optimum level. :D

  2. I have spent almost all dsay waiting for a call back from Vodaphone to deal with an ongoiung complaint I have which has now been going on for over six months. They are trying to charge me nearly £200 for a contract i never agreed to – I was the victim of a rogue salesmen basically, which every single operator has agreed and told me they have had numerous similar complaints but they can’t remove the charges, they have to pass it to a manager. Can I speak to the manager? No. They’ll call you back shortly. They never do. I have never experienced such appalling service. Only stumbled across your comment as I was trying to find their twitter page, unsurprisingly they don’t appear to have one, presumably would just be a dumping ground for many other disgruntled ‘customers’ who are in a similar situation to me.

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