Vodaphone – the gift that just keeps on giving…

I blogged a couple of weeks ago about parting company with Vodaphone. You can read it here.


Yesterday I had a call from them – I was driving at the time. It went something like this…

Hello is that Tim Garratt


this is Laura from Vodaphone, have you got time to talk about your account?

“I guess so – although I don’t have an account – EE now have that”

I need to take you through security


Because this is the process – so what is your password?

“I can’t remember”

Oh, what is the first line of your address?

“I think it will be De Montfort Street Leicester”

and the postcode”

“No idea – LE1 …something, it’s not actually my office – it’s where you send the bills”

No – sorry you have not passed security

“OK – so what happens now then? You called me. You want to talk to me, but you can’t? So this hasn’t really worked?”

No sorry we can’t talk to you“.

“OK – bye then”.

I’ll keep you posted on the next instalment. I do have a plan. It involves a further enhanced security check. I am going to ask them for their password…

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