This Is England ’88 -out now!

Last night saw the first of the three part drama, This is England ’88. Channel 4 bagged this Shane Meadows vignette – following the success of This Is England ’86. We have moved on though – it’s now 23 December 1988…

The brilliant Thomas Turgoose!

I thought it was great – and am looking forward to the second and third parts tonight and tomorrow. I love the gritty filming techniques and the retro feel. It is very authentic – but a reminder of a different age. The clothes and the hairstyles give away an era that feels like yesterday to me. Eastenders with Dirty Den and Nasty Nick was funny. You can almost touch 1988 – or is that my age? Rick Astley was awful then – and isn’t much better now? I try to forget Stock Aitkin Waterman…

It’s adult themed stuff, but lurches from tragedy to humour by the scene. Woody, Lol and Shane are superb.

But the real story about this drama is that the soundtrack was edited in Nottingham. I saw a tiny bit of it being done when I visited a couple of months ago – and I’m sure they won’t mind me telling you it was still being finalised last week! This is amazing news for Nottingham – and Antenna, where it was done. We have a best kept secret – one of a handful of Dolby Studios outside of Soho in London. It is a ‘proper’ studio, with big leather chairs and a green room. I hope they didn’t notice my eyes light up when I fist saw it!

The original film was shot mostly in Nottingham – but the sequels, including this latest offering, was shot mainly in Sheffield. What I hadn’t realised was the lengths gone to to de-construct the sound-track – I blogged about it here before.

Another positive news story for Nottingham!

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  1. Any idea who the female bluesy vocalist is as Woody is off on his scooter? I’m not getting anywhere, thanks.

    • Jane, this was a tough question… but …. Democrastie Faciste – Article 4 (feat. Immortal Technique) may well be what you are after!! Well thats what Shazzam told me!!


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