Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun…

Sorry I have been a bit quiet! It’s probably the longest period between blogs since I started in 2009!

There’s a couple of reasons – life at the Squash Club has been more than a little hectic – last week we completed the refurbishment of our gym – with a £55,000 investment. It looks amazing. This week the Club plays host to the European Club Championships – and I get to play Tournament Director. With 20 teams from across Europe the logistics have been challenging.

Oh, and work life has been manic too. Good manic.

The blog might have a bot of a one track flavour this week around the squash – so apologies if you don’t play (you should). But not todays blog.


On Friday I was in St Helier, Jersey – for the day. I had to go to a client meeting. I fully accept that 99% of readers will regard this as somewhat glamourous. A 5.30am start is far from glamorous for me. But I get where you are coming from. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about being ripped off on these flights.

If the red-eye flight out wasn’t bad enough we got delayed coming back. It was something to do with one of the members of the cabin having man-flu. So they had to train someone else up. We eventually took off – with little in the way of apology.

But the best part was arriving back at Birmingham. The plane had obviously been worked hard so was put in a sleeper bay – miles from the airport. So we had to get a coach. Except it wasn’t there. It took 10 minutes to arrive. I just wonder how this works – surely our arrival wasn’t a total surprise to the airport? And we were late so the bus thing might have been early? It never ceases to amaze me how this whole flying function works – or rather doesn’t.

It really must be the only client facing industry in the world where the customer really is the last in line. And the only industry where delays and problems are so frequent that apology is a pointless emotion.

Rant over. On to happier stuff next time – promise!

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