Christmas Gifts – part 3 – for blokes!

Guest blog by – Lesley Garratt…

The great question that has never been answered and which, I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?’” – Sigmund Freud.

Whilst, I’m sure that Freud was not referring directly to Christmas here, it seemed an apt quotation when Tim asked me to guest blog as to “What does a woman want for Christmas”. If Freud struggled to know, it’s a fairly safe bet that the average man also does not know. To be fair, us women are a fickle bunch, so I won’t even attempt to answer for the majority, but maybe I can give a few pointers to those men who are still pontificating with only a week to go!

Perhaps it’s easier to start with a short list of what we don’t want:

1. A Vacuum Cleaner– a friend of ours gave his girlfriend one, and she quite literally wasn’t to be seen for dust.
2. Socks – even if they are from Paul Smith
3. An Exercise DVD – the question will inevitably arise, “Do you think I’m too fat?” The potential answer is not always conducive to a harmonious start to Christmas Day.

not what we want...

Next, what do we want?

1. A voucher for a Spa Day or even better a Spa Weekend – something to look forward to after what is usually for women a hectic and demanding build-up to Christmas.
2. Fragrance – this can include body sprays, shower/bath gels or body lotions. Just make sure that you know her signature fragrance and purchase items in the same range- branded of course, not a ‘knock-off’.
3. Jewellery –always appreciated as its something that most women don’t buy for themselves. Christmas and birthdays are usually their only chance of receiving some, unless of course, their menfolk are like Richard Burton who gave Elizabeth Taylor a 33-carat diamond ring, ‘Just because it was a Tuesday.’ For a romantic touch, have it inscribed –just make sure it’s with the right name or the relationship might not last until Boxing Day!
4. A handbag – designer ones are particularly appreciated.
5. Lingerie – but only if it’s in the right size, so you will need to do a bit of rooting around in her ‘knicker drawer’. Also, festive red is often the choice for males but some women think it’s ‘tarty’ – you have been warned!
6. Gadgets – but only if the woman in your life is not a ‘technophobe’. I particularly like my IPad and Kindle.

Personally, I would be quite happy with Coldplay’s latest CD, and even happier with tickets for their forthcoming tour or maybe a Sarah Millican DVD. But I appreciate that these wishes aren’t for everyone.

As I said at the beginning of this blog, women are a fickle bunch, and I do not envy men having to choose us women a gift for this Christmas (or any Christmas) for that matter!

(Editors comment – perhaps a book on disappointment will be appropriate?)

4 comments on “Christmas Gifts – part 3 – for blokes!

  1. Thank you! Forwarded to my husband. I would also like to add that a box of Floris soap if always welcome as well! Enjoy opening your presents, and a happy christmas to you. Liz Lewis

  2. Well said Mum! Spa day idea sounds particularly appealing. Although a 33-carat diamond wouldn’t be too bad either…


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