Nottingham TV – let’s get started!

Nottingham has been selected as one of the pilot places for the introduction of ‘local broadcasting’ – after the BBC pretty much deserted us for Brummie-land!

I think this is great news – I have blogged about it before.

As the Government have moved away from regions to local – this has perhaps had at least one positive out-come. I switch off the TV if the news is Birmingham driven. I have no interest in what is happening near those Villa fans (you know who you are!). I think there is a fantastic opportunity to create a proper local TV station.

The idea has been around in America for some time (although some of it can be a little dire) it has an immediacy and relevance. Of course we now have the ability to capture images in High Definition – sometimes form our phones. But this is not what is needed in my view. Whilst the You Tube generation may have a place, I think local TV will only succeed if there is quality. To then at end it needs to take BBC output as a benchmark.

There look as though there will be two main bids in Nottingham for the service. I am involved in one of them – and work is now underway to get the bid ready. I am really looking forward to being involved. We already have some great ideas.

I have blogged before about the wealth of talent in the creative industries in Nottingham. Although we have been chosen as one of the pilots – with 18 other areas I think we will be the beacon!

This project has the distinct possibility of putting Nottingham on the map, but it has the prospect of being able to bring on the talent we have – including in schools and colleges.

Lights, camera, action!

5 comments on “Nottingham TV – let’s get started!

  1. So are we looking forward to a primetime version of ‘Me and my Mac with Tim Garratt’?

  2. think you should get your facts straight about regional TV – The BBC has a stronger presence than ever in regional TV, its ITV Central who’ve deserted you for Brummie land! – If you watch BBC East Midlands Today, you’ll see that each night its broadcast live from Nottingham. Plus there is more live Nottingham TV at the weekends than ever now. – but I agree, more would be better, roll on local TV.

    • Sean, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure I agree that the ‘BBC has a stronger presence than ever’ – a handful of local news bulletins and a nightly (awful) round up isn’t local TV? I was hoping for more locally produced shows / dramas etc. Tapping into local talent. The proof will be in the pudding…

      • Ok, technically it’s a stronger presence than ever as they put money into a weekend roundup and live broadcasts in the late bulletin but I agree in terms of drama etc. Theres a lot of production talent in the area, make use of it!

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