Nottingham – Invest in Nottingham Club Reception

Our second event in Cannes is always a popular one; a reception in an Irish Bar on the Quayside in Cannes. And I’m pleased to say the sun came out for us. When we first arrived in Cannes it was cooler than usual -but the last 24 hours have seen a return to blue skies. It was about time!

This was an event sponsored by the Invest in Nottingham Club – the private sector part of Invest in Nottingham. I think it was a success as we had around 250 people crammed in. There were Architects, Agents, QS’s, Developers, Engineers, consultants and some Investors. We also attracted a number of Press too. There was fantastic atmosphere and clearly we were very visible.

There were no glitzy announcements, just an opportunity to meet lots of people. Team Nottingham were out in force “working the room”. It was great to see. We even saw some of the ‘opposition’ coming to check us out!

This was Team Nottingham doing what they do best – meeting people. The real benefit of this event was that the Team take every opportunity to introduce guests to people in the team who might have a connection or be able to help in some way. It’s what MIPIM is all about.

This was a great value for money event for us – and one I guess will get repeated next year.

Our final event at MIPIM this year is a smaller breakfast, which will be taking place as this post hits the presses….

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