Dexy’s Midnight Runners – now less the midnight runners

I remember it all too well. 1982. I was working (briefly) at the now defunct Kimberley Brewery.

I didn’t have dungaree’s but I did have the Dexy’s Midnight Runners album – from which they drew ‘Come on Eileen’. It remains, to this day, a disco favourite. The drum section towards the end is a classic. Perhaps you had to be there…

Kevin Rowland was notoriously difficult and it was perhaps no surprise that the Midnight Runners ran off. It was a brief period of fame.

But 30 years on they’re back. But renamed, they are now just Dexy’s. Rowland is there as are a couple of the original members of the band. I have only caught a few minutes of the songs, but they sounded rather good. I was surprised.

You will know if you follow this blog that I’m a big music fan – and the music from the late 1970′s through to the Eighties was some of the best in my view. Squeeze, Bowie, The Stranglers and The Boomtown Rats. I liked the Dexy’s album, but when I listen to it now it sounds rather dated!

I have heard that the super-group Steps have reformed – but I think this sounds like it’s for the money. And that is surely the issue. When you have been away for so long, you can’t help but wonder whether these bands are in it for the cash. Cashing in on peoples memories. That’s going to lead to disappointment!

Perhaps I’m being cynical. I will probably buy the Dexy’s album out of curiosity. I won’t be following Steps though.

However, if Bob Geldof is out there watching – the comeback tour can’t come soon enough. It only seems like yesterday when I appeared on stage with Jonny Fingers and helped him play Banana Republic! Derby Assembly Rooms – April 1982 (oh dear that seems to be 30 years ago too!)

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  1. Well Mr Garratt I never had you for a kindred spirit. Good article on Dexy’s in the MOS, and the new Soar album. Quite spookily Breaking Down the Walls of Heartache is actually on the IPOD as we speak. The stand out tracks from Too Rye Aye were Liars A-E and Until I believe in my Soul. They never caught the edginess of Searching for the Young Soul Rebels but the brass was awesome. Stand me Down was a very accomplished piece so I look forward to the new album. Interestingly within the era we clearly both identify with – 12″ version of Torch by Soft Cell is worth it’s weight in gold, the Live version of Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is spine tingling, just picked up an outstanding version of Wishing by Flock of Seagulls and the long version of Are Friends Electric takes some licking. I can Make it if you Can off the Rats epoonymous first album and the long version of I don’t like Monday’;s (clever clever song) – always on the IPOD and the Vienna album by Ultravox…I could labour on and on…

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  4. I agree with your musical views to a point but my taste extends further back into the sixties. BTW Bowie released much of his best stuff in the early 70s, Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust spring to mind. Music changed for the poorer when we started getting the manufactured groups, boy bands and girl groups and ahem a certain group named Steps were one such creation….

    • Agree and as I’ve seen Bowie 14 times I’m not going to argue with the album choices!! Ziggy remains one of the best albums of all time! Although my favourite song is Young Americans…


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