Newark sorts it story…

One of my key issues at the moment with Nottingham is our lack of story. We don’t really have a coherent message to feel – I have blogged about this before – a lot!

I can’t quite understand why we don’t embrace Robin Hood and The Castle. The work I did in 2008 with the Sheriff’s Commission seems a relevant today as it did then. People in the know keep telling me a big announcement is on the way about the Castle. The best I can get is “It’s Big”. With a capital B.

I live in hope.

In the meantime, Newark have won themselves a £3.5m Lottery fund grant to build a Civil War Museum – the first of its kind in the UK. It seems to me that Newark has always had this connection with History – its place on the Fosse Road, its historic castle and the number of re-enactments they hold. They have their story – and will now appear firmly on the map.

Two Grade 2 listed buildings are to be converted to tell the story of Civil War in the 1600’s. The total costs are expected to be over £5m. They are also utilising the skills of the local college to create apprenticeships – looking at Heritage conservation.

Let’s hope that Nottingham can get to a similar position – otherwise we slip again, and allow visitors to wander off to Newark?

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  1. You are right. Impressive build quality, great infrastrucure, some very good interior design. But, as they say, ” Location Location”……and timing I guess. Worth a punt for those with long term returns in mind.

    • Hi Nick – yes sounds good – at least they have down something!! Whereas we are still talking about it in Nottingham. Yawn….


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