MIPIM 2013

I must be getting old – I have just got my badge for MIPIM 2013 – and it is “Gold” – as a result of me having been som many times! I think this is my 10th year. It is my third year of being at the beating heart of Team Nottingham.

I blogged back in January (here) that we had made a decison to go the the South of France to shout about Nottingham’s wares. And in two weeks time we will be there.

It has been a rocky road – as is so often the case when you have so many parties – but the team is a strong as it has ever been. It includes Boots – as well as some of the usual suspects – Gleeds, CPMG, Rizc McCay, UKR, Morgan Tucker, Cartwrght Communications, Geldards, Miller Birch, CPW and the City Council. My firm, Innes England also play a key role. In the team you can get a cradle to grave service if you want to come to Nottingham!

We are delighted that Peter Richardson Chairman of the D2N2 LEP will be the guest speaker at a dinner we are hosting on Tuesday evening – in front of 60 invited investors / developers as well as the team. We are having a drinks party for 200 on Wednesday and brunch on the thursday. I have seen the guest list – it is impressive!

The Leader of the City Council is cycling to Cannes again – raising money for Charity – you can see the details here.

I already have a full diary for the week – breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Canape sickness is quite common!

But the team also have some surprises for guests this year – as well as some incredible ipad applications showcasing the city’s assets! We even have a film produced y my good friends at Antenna.

All that we need to do is come back with a bunch of leads and leave everyone there with the impression that the only place they need to think about investing in is … Nottingham….

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  1. just read the annual intu properties report and im disappointed to say that intu properties are planning to start on victoria centre and broadmarsh extensions in 2016 ending in 2019. There total spend on both extensions will be £280 million. We already know intu will be spending £240 million on vc extension so that leaves £40 million for the broadmarsh redevelopment which is ridiculous. They have also stated that refurbishment of VC will start in 2013 costing £38 million. The council has failed in its duties to get a early start on the broadmarsh redevelopment. Intu are playing with Nottingham. Here is the annual report for those that want to check it out http://www.intugroup.co.uk/media/192399/2012_audited_results_year_press_release.pdf

    The details are on page 10 of the document. Tim, what are your thoughts on this?


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