Amazon comes to you – well sort of!

I couldn’t help but notice in the Victoria Centre car park at the weekend that Amazon have a ‘shop’.


It’s not real shop – but a place where you can collect things you have previously ordered.

I think this is a brilliant idea. Amazon rely on the postman to get your goods to you. This isn’t easy for people who work (who then have to go to the sorting offices to collect things). But this system allows you to pick up your purchases from these great secure boxes. And they are in our town centres.

The edges between retailing and e-tailing are blurring all of the time. This is a further step to the domination of on-line purchasing…

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  1. Tis also a smart move by Amazon and will save them loadsamoney esp as our wonderful Royal Mail have just doubled the price of sending parcels! They have introduced a plastic guide and if your parcel doesnt go through you will be hit with a 100% increase on previous prices. Way to go Royal Mail, thats the way to lose a lot of business. Amazon also have a network of shops where you can safely return items, again saving them money. Smart businesses take smart decisions!

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