A worthy cause….

I had a comment on my blog in the week about something I think should be shouted about locally. I can do no better than re-print it:

Hi my name is Anne Woodward and I own Bramcote Farmshop with my Husband Andrew. I am trying to organise a charity weekend at the Farmshop in Bramcote for the Foodbank. It will be on the 7th and 8th of December. Could you please spread the word .I am trying to get the whole community involved . Please help if you can. Thanks for reading, Anne {Bramcote Farmshop}

I have done a bit of research and I found this on Nick Palmers blog – so shamelessly copy it (sorry Nick!)

For two months she’s (Anne) is (a) volunteering at a local food bank so she can advise people on how they work and (b) acting as a collection centre. If you’d got any food you’d like to donate starting November 1 you can drop it off at the shop, which is 199 Derby Rd, Bramcote NG9 3J, tel 07967758612. Obviously best is something that will last a bit and doesn’t need special equipment to prepare – e.g. some tins or anything long-life, not a microwaveable meal! I think it’s great that she’s taking the initiative and hope it goes really well.

A very worthy cause and I’m happy to support it.

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  1. Keep spreading the word donation are needed to make the charity weekend a success . so big companies out their make the Foodbank your Christmas Charity
    Anne Woodward {Bramcote Farmshop} 07967758612

    • Hi everyone its me again Anne Woodward Bramcote Farmshop its my Charity weekend 7th and 8th for the Foodbank I am still looking for donations so please dig deep and support a worth while cause . Your help will depend on its success. I have spend hours trying to organise having sleepless nights now so please help !
      Anne Woodward
      Bramcote Farmshop


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