Happy Birthday Nottingham Contemporary!

On 14 November 2009 Nottingham Contemporary opened its doors to an exhibition of David Hockney’s early paintings. I can’t believe that 4 years have passed. And Nottingham Contemporary has become something of an Institution in the City. It is a critical part of the intellectual fabric of the place.



Since 2009 there have been 17 exhibitions featuring 220 artists from over 30 countries. That is an amazing achievement.

The gallery has become renowned in the UK and it has collected accolades:

“The UK’s most inspiring gallery” – The Guardian
“One of the UK’s strongest” – The Independent
“Constantly inventive” – The Observer

The last exhibition, Aquatopia, can now be seen at Tate St Ives.

I haven’t yet had chance to see the latest exhibition by Asco, a group of four Chicano artists who formed in East LA in the 70s and Geoffrey Farmer’s ambitious installation inspired by the life of Frank Zappa. But I clearly need to. It is on the list!

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